Briskets fur Biscuits is a minority-founded and operated charitable organization, aimed at combining an immense love for dogs and passion for barbecue into one entity that benefits animals in need.

Kevin Chu and Ron Dornin co-founded Briskets fur Biscuits early in 2021 after they both expressed a shared interest in wanting to find something more meaningful to do with their time outside of their 9:00 to 5:00 jobs each day. Both Kevin & Ron are dog lovers, each having their own, and celebrating them every year; from birthday parties to Christmas presents and everything in-between. They are also barbeque enthusiasts – an idea was born, and they are thankful to be traversing through the beginning of what they believe will be a beautiful, life-long endeavor. In June of 2021, they were fortunate enough to receive the approval of their 501(c)(3) status and they are now looking to move full steam ahead with their operations.

Brisket fur Biscuits’ mission is to conduct “Pawbeque” fundraisers several times each year, with the proceeds benefiting local animal shelters. Additionally, the organization launched its website for basic information, market place, and direct donations that support the cause. While Briskets fur Biscuits is currently based in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, the hope is that others will join the cause, and expand operations throughout the United States. Any contributions to the organization will give us the opportunity to prepare for and conduct our fundraisers, and ultimately benefit animals in need.